Beacon Power Africa is the direct subsidiary of BEACON POWER SYSTEMS, located in INDIA. Our goal is to provide affordable power backup solutions to millions of households across the globe.

335Wp Rayzon Sparkle Poly Panels

Rayzon Solar is an internationally renowned leading solar energy cost effective befitting solutions provider having core competency in high efficiency PV module manufacturing and providing wide range EPC solutions. Our PV modules are the best in class in terms of power output and long-term reliability. 335Wp Sparkle Poly panels provide high output even if in overcast shadow conditions.

Key Features

  • AR Coated Tempered Glass Anti-Reflective Module Surface
  • Excellent Module Efficiency
  • Positive Power Tolerance Up to 5W
  • 100% Pre and Post EL Inspection
  • IP68 Junction Box for Long Term Endurance
  • Ensure safety parameters through Safety test
  • Quality and Reliability assurance in standard weather condition

Product Certificates