Beacon Power Africa is the direct subsidiary of BEACON POWER SYSTEMS, located in INDIA. Our goal is to provide affordable power backup solutions to millions of households across the globe.

Tubular Gel Battery (ProGel Series)


Beacon Pro Gel series Gel battery is a 12V battery with long shelf life and is a perfect use for cyclic and standalone application. ProGel has a design life of more that 10 years for cyclic application. This battery is best used for home and solar application. This battery is also used for street lighting, home lighting and rural electrification

Key Features

  • 12 V monobloc Construction
  • Long Shelf life of more than 10 Months
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Design life of more than 10 years
  • Operating temperature -20 deg to +55 Deg C
  • Positive plate- Tubular Plate
  • Oxygen recombination 99%.